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Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy (RMT) & Kinesiology located in the heart of Fleetwood Surrey

Osteopath at Work


Chiropractic is a complete system of healthcare focused on restoring, preserving, and optimizing health by natural hands-on care. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts who provide the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and preventative care of biomechanical disorders originating from the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.

The spine is an important structure that houses and provides protection for the spinal cord, while providing mobility for the upper body. This dual requirement of strength and flexibility makes the spine a very complex structure, with multiple joints at each spinal segment (the vertebrae) forming the spinal column. When these joints (also known as articulations) are not positioned or functioning normally, it can affect the nerves exiting the spine. Chiropractic care attends to irritations along the spine by manually repositioning these joints. This is a chiropractic "adjustment."

Chiropractors are licensed professionals who are required to complete at least 7 years of post-secondary education to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). They are trained to diagnose and appropriately care for or refer patients for the care they require.


Chiropractic is effective and it works! Countless studies document the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of chiropractic. Patients notice a difference in 3-5 treatments and full recovery after 6-8 visits on average* depending on the nature of your injury.


Chiropractic is effective for:  Neck, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, headaches, elbow tendonitis, rotator cuff, hand, hip, knee and foot problems.


*Although the Provincial average is 6-8 visits, the range is large with some patients responding much quicker and a few taking much longer.

Chiropractor in Surrey. Chiropractic Image.

Initial Visit


Chiropractor Guildford. Photo of Chiropractor doing exam.

Subsequent Visit


Custom / Prescription Orthotics. Photo of a foot.



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